Famous Historical and Architectural Masterpieces in Jacksonville

historical architecture

Laura Street Trio is located on Laura Street between Market and Ocean Streets. It is a collection of three buildings, two of which are on Ocean Street and one on Market Street. The first building was built in 1887, designed by the famous Henry Flagler as a luxury hotel for wealthy Northerners who came down to enjoy the temperate winters. It became a permanent residence in 1908, after being foreclosed upon by Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railroad. In 1913 it underwent another renovation and reopened as an apartment hotel with 60 residential units.

The second building was initially built for the Atlantic National Bank. It opened its doors on January 15, 1925, after a cost of $2 million ($30 million today). This building also had 60 rooms on four floors for lease at rates ranging from $75 to $150 a month.

The third building was built in 1926, and it has the distinction of being the only Art Deco building erected in Palm Beach. It opened on June 30, 1926, with an Italian Renaissance theme. The original name of this building was the Mutual Savings Bank Building, but its most popular moniker among locals is “The Telephone Company.”

historical architecture

San Marco Square is one of the most notable public spaces in Jacksonville. It has long been a haven for dog owners and small children alike, consisting of an ample, open green space surrounded by large trees and concrete benches. There is also a fountain with running water that sits directly in the center of the square. Much like New York City’s Central Park, this area provides an escape from city life and holds many fond memories for residents and visitors alike.

San Marco Square is located at the edge of Jacksonville’s downtown area. Just to the south is Interstate 95, while just to the north are several high-rise buildings that house hundreds of residents and workers in need of green space. During the summer, this square often plays host to concerts, festivals, and other live events. The city has recently replaced all the old wooden benches with new ones made from bamboo wood.

There are many shops located around San Marco Square, all within walking distance of each other. On any given day, one might find an art festival, a ren fair, or some town criers proclaiming news about local businesses. This public space can be located at 1215 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207.

Located at 309 Hennepin Avenue South in Minneapolis, MN, the Historic Ritz Theatre opened its doors as a first-run movie house on December 19, 1922.

The theater was designed by architect Harry M. Crandall and built by George E. Weaver for Robert Dohs’ Gem Amusement Company of New York City at $260,000 ($3.8 million adjusted for inflation). The 1,100 seat theater contained a vast stage to accommodate vaudeville acts which was the popular entertainment of the day before movies became widely available. In addition to serving as a successful first-run theatrical venue, the theater also served as a concert hall and sported a ballroom that could be rented out for social gatherings.

historical architecture

This concrete structure is a prime example of Art Deco-style architecture and is especially remarkable for its use of concrete.

The Historic Ritz Theatre was the only movie theater designed by Rapp and Rapp’s well-known architectural firm, responsible for creating more than 200 theaters across the United States between 1921 and 1941. It is also significant to local historians as an essential part of the social fabric of downtown Jacksonville from 1931 to 1969. Its period as a center for entertainment ended with the dominance of television and suburbanization trend away from central business districts.

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